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Tomato Balancing Cleanup
Procedure: Tomato pulp and herbs are spread evenly on the face and massaged thoroughly to shrink open pores. Tomato neutralizes the skin's surface while cooling the skin. It is the component lycopene found in tomatoes that repairs and protects the skin. The massage is then followed by scrubbing and medicated facial mask. Tomato cleanup is a wonder facial which neutralises the excessive use of make-up and cosmetics. The PH of the skin goes for a toss with excessive use of chemicals. Tomato facial aims to restore the balance of the skin and also clean the excessive sebaceous secretions.
Products Used: Tomato, herbs, fresh fruits, fresh up mask.
Duration: 40 minutes
Benefits: Regular sessions will reduce the open pores and eliminate blackheads. Tomato has astringent properties to absorb the excess oil from the face, which help in lessening the acne. One can see skin complexion improving gradually.