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Papaya Clean-up
Procedure: A thick paste of papaya and herbs are massaged onto the face which helps in cleaning and brightening the face. Papaya contains a special enzyme called "papain" that removes dead cells and cures skin impurities. High in healing enzymes, papaya will also treat sunburns and irritated skin. The massage is then followed by scrubbing and application of Medicated Mud Masks.
Products Used: Ripe Papaya, Herbs, Fresh Fruits and fresh up mask.
Duration: 40 minutes
Benefits: Ripe papaya contains BHA or beta hydroxy acid which act as a mild exfoliator. This gently removes the top dead cells of the face and gives a radiant and younger looking skin. It also clears the dirt and oil that can lead to acne and break outs on the face. Papaya contains high level of vitamins A and C. Vitamin C is an anti-oxidant that reduces the formation of free radicals which are responsible for aging.