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Radhika Dutta Gupta
Date : 2019-02-10

Dr. Aditi is a lovely and a very warm person at heart. I have known her for almost a year and she has been very helpful and easily accessible on call. My dandruff and hair fall have totally gone..

RBH Gamerdroid
Date : 2019-02-08

Dr Aditi is genuine and intelligent doctor..

Rendezvous With Rashmi
Date : 2019-02-08

Very effective medicines, treatments and skin and hair care products.

Jay Bhatnagar
Date : 2019-02-08

Eczema Totally cured ... Great service. Really good doctor.

Date : 2019-02-07

Excellent services and products by Dr Aditi. Above all, she is a very warm and caring person who listens and understands your problems..

Pushpa Bhatnagar
Date : 2019-02-07

When i had to eat Cancer medicines, I experienced excessive hairfall, Dr.Aditi gave me medication and her hair care products which helped me tremendously in getting new hair. God bless her.

Shefaali Bhatnagar
Date : 2019-02-07

It was really good to meet dr aditi for her patience to hear my 4 yrs old daughter’s stomach problem. Within 2 days the pain was over and now - after a month, now, she is 100% ok ... Thanks ....

Dr Prashant Mishra
Date : 2019-02-06

Wonderful experience with an intelligent n dedicated doctor...good products and response is excellent.

Shrishty Jain
Date : 2019-02-06

Dr. Aditi is so good and have great experience...her medicines is so proud of dr. Aditi....All the best mam.

Vinita Gupta
Date : 2019-02-05

Dr aditi is very good Dr. Her experience is very good. Her medicine is very effective 👍👍👍 keep it mam.

Manbir kaur
Date : 2019-02-05

My experience with Dr Aditi has been really good. She patiently listens to the patient. She is very genuine doctor and her medication is also very effective..

Tushar Goyal
Date : 2019-02-05

Great experience, they listen to your problems carefully and recommend natural solutions with no side effects. Highly recommended.

Dr Parul Mohan
Date : 2019-02-04

Thoroughly satisfied with her products. I have been using them for more than a decade now. Strongly recommended for children and people with sensitive skin. Worth it!!.

Prerna Gupta
Date : 2019-02-04

She is a very polite person and treats her patients with utmost care. I love her skin care products and would recommend them to everyone..

Mariya Asif
Date : 2019-02-04

Amazing experience, really nice atmosphere, Dr. Aditi is really cooperative n helpful. I surely recommend it to all!! Satisfied n worth the price.!.

Ashoo Darda
Date : 2019-01-30

Aditi is a very simple and sweet person who has answers to all concerns you may have about your health and diet. She will come up with creative substitutes to any thing you like to eat. I have been on her diet for about 5 months now and am happy to loose weight slowly. ..have been v comfortable with Aditi’s diet and above all her patience to reply to even simple questions. Thanks to the LTZest group for introducing me to her..

Geetanjali Juneja
Date : 2018-06-18

Dr Aditi is an excellent human being, I was fortunate to meet her at MIQS session she guided us with some easy to use home remedies for skin and health, that is not only beneficial for a healthy skin, but can be implemented in our daily routines. Thanks, Dr Aditi for all your tips, that are helping me with a healthy lifestyle..

Shivani Naik Shah
Date : 2018-06-09

Try these amazing hair packs and face packs from DrAditiBhatnagar - SknEssentials which are chemical free with all NATURAL goodness and gentle on your skin and yield ABSOLUTELY AWESOME results...!! They truly help your skin and hair breathe free and reverse the effect of pollution and grime... . Absolutely loved the Rejuvenating Face Pack and Face Wash.

Rashmi Choudhary
Date : 2018-05-22

Skn essentials is an amalgam of all things natural, stuff that we do not realise are a boon for our skin, hair and internal well being. Thanks Dr Aditi Bhatnagar for studying, researching and coming up with total natural formula that works wonders for us. I am a satisfied client and would recommend everyone to give it a try. Am sure they will not be disappointed. To top it all, Aditi positivity towards life and charming nature makes you forget your ailments in the first place. An extremely warm human being, I wish you and your baby Skn Essentials success and growth till eternity.

Anamika Bishnoi
Date : 2018-05-25

Wonderful collection. Perfectly suits my skin-type leaves the skin smooth n glowing. Great job DrAditi..

Aditi Ahuja
Date : 2018-05-16

I m using skin essentials face wash its really very effective. And its really natural and good for skin m very happy with the results..

Mitushi Ajmera
Date : 2018-05-19

Its all Aditi, her attention and recommendations. The beauty is she is a call away, she is my family doctor, I go to her first and do as she says. From her product line I love her hair mask and ubtan.

Nilanjana Sinha
Date : 2018-05-29

Dr Aditi has excellent knowledge of herbal care. I loved the interesting, interactive and full of knowledge session conducted by her in Mrs India Earth Pageant. Loving the collection of awesome herbal products from her. All the best Dr Aditi.

Rebecca Paul
Date : 2018-05-26

I love the natural products. Dr Aditi talk about natural products at Mrs India was very informative and I have incorporated that into my daily regime..

Elena Tuteja
Date : 2018-05-27

Very nice products, especially because they are natural. Dr. Aditi is a great specialist with loads of knowledge and amazing skills of delivering this knowledge to the masses..

Swati Saxena
Date : 2017-12-21

I strongly recommend Skn-Essentials Natural Care products to everyone I know because have seen the positive effects first hand. .

Priya VK Singh
Date : 2015-05-19

Dr.Aditi Bhatnagar -a million thanks! Uday's back is considerably, visibly better today ---- your mixture of homeopathy, naturopathy and allopathy has worked wonders! It was looking so scary just two days ago , and now its clearing up. You rock:).

Gandhali Jain
Date : 2015-05-20

I have been consulting her since months now.....n totally vouch for her stuff. U can feel that they r so natural, chemical free..

Bhavana Chopra Srikrishna
Date : 2015-05-21

I have for the last 15 days using Dr Aditi stuff. Regularly. The face wash is a herbal powder and a regular everyday freshness pack which I apply while the bucket fills up. And her hair oil. What amazing goodness. Such a huge difference to my skin. I use her chandan ubtan for bathing. Its so so good. Cleans skin from within. When you apply the freshness pack I can now feel my skin breathing and recovering. And I have struggled with skin care earlier. I see my skin now glowing and clean. Don't feel like putting any make up on.

Mercenia Suess - Mrs.Universe - New-Zealand
Date : 2014-10-10

Hi Aditi, this Merciana Mrs Universe New Zealand, I got your details from Sandiya she gave me some of your skin products, I wanted to say when I used it my face has been soft and radiant keeping me looking younger. I want to how I can get more in future?.

Sandhya Oza (Former Mrs Universe)
Date : 2014-08-25

National director Megi Savova, current Mrs Universe Carol Lee and Mrs Philippines, Mrs Russia with Skn Essentials products. Thank you Aditi Bhatnagar .

Priyanka Suri Sharma
Date : 2014-06-25

Aditi these comments must be more precious than no.of sales you had done so far. So nice to know you here from your friends. I would love to meet you soon.

Anjana Pathania
Date : 2014-06-25

Natural and organic products. Give a try......

Nisha Nihalani Kapu
Date : 2014-06-26

Have a lovely expirience of her products ..

Komal Manocha Chawla
Date : 2014-06-25

Skin Essential products are for your Skin & hair... Must try!!.

Dr. Parul Mohan(Nuclear Medicine specialist)
Date : 2014-05-12

Being a strong believer in natural products, I hesitate from using OTC products, because I m aware of their chemical contents. All my skin and hair problems are taken care by Skin Essentials, which I freely advice to my patients as well. I can freely use it on my small kid as well, who loves the delicate smell of these products. Thanks a lot SknEssentials..

Shephali Kasliwal(founder Pitaara)
Date : 2014-05-12

"Rejuvenated...!! Aditi Bhatnagar it's always a pleasure meeting, such a positive soul you are btw I love your products more specially hair spa and have been using your face wash n creams for a year now and touchwood skin feels great!! Ladies a must try, If you haven't then you surely missing on great service n products...".

Parul Khandelwal
Date : 2014-05-12

Beauty and health have always been more about the love and care that's given to the the person and the body, the products and procedures come later, yet are quite critical. Also, the plethora of the run-of-mill salons-spas had quite made me loose confidence in the entire "business" that exists around beauty ...and then I met Aditi - and rest as they say is history :-) With Sknessentials Natural Care and Aditi Bhatnagar's team - I have felt cared for, pampered ...and owe some lovely results on my skin and hair to her and the team. Further, the products are very nice - natural and work very well especially for me , for I have quite a sensitive skin. Special thank you for the wonderful Hair care regimen - can't get enough of it and keep coming back !! My hair has not just grown longer but also been much more healthier in a long time...It's truly wonderful to experience your beauty services and to know you doc...Thank you for bringing back the joy of basking in love-ful, powerful yet protective skin and hair therapies. They not just enhance beauty but also enhance health - a unique thing. It is her mission of spreading natural and healthy habits and services that have built my belief in Aditi's products, and I would love to recommend them to all . Love your products, your intention and you !.

Suman Dash (Vastradi Jewels)
Date : 2014-05-01

A small little place at Club Patio, surrounded with big huge green trees.. This place takes me to Kerela.. The treatments and products offered by SknEssentials are Spot on and absolutely awesome. I had never had a single zit in my life but after pregnancy.. there was a breakout on my skin and Aditi of SknEssentials came to my rescue. She suggested a natural facewash by SknEssentials and it worked like a miracle on my skin. It was back to its glowing self within two weeks. I can swear by all the Products at SknEssentials. Thank you Aditi for getting us closer to nature!!.

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