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Facial Cleanups

We all have a desire to look and feel young. Age reversal or postponing the signs of aging is possible !! For your skin type and requirements consult Dr.Aditi Bhatnagar.

Procedure: A thick paste of papaya and herbs are massaged onto the face which helps in cleaning and brightening the face. Papaya contains a special enzyme called "papain" that removes dead cells and cures skin impurities. High in healing enzymes, papaya will also treat sunburns and irritated skin. The massage is then followed by scrubbing and a

Procedure: Tomato pulp and herbs are spread evenly on the face and massaged thoroughly to shrink open pores. Tomato neutralizes the skin's surface while cooling the skin. It is the component lycopene found in tomatoes that repairs and protects the skin. The massage is then followed by scrubbing and medicated facial mask. Tomato cleanup is a wonder fa

Procedure: These are specifically designed for the ageing skin where due to nutritional imbalance the skin starts showing signs of ageing. We use specific fruit and vegetable combos along with crushed vitamins to bring about a sea change in the skin. Herbs and directs sources of vitamin are used on the skin to give it an instant glow and maintain the nut

Procedure: This is an Advanced Skin Cleanup where we also use galvanometer to help in penetration of fruit juice nutrients and vitamin c to give an instant glow. The radiance is visibly palpable along with softness. Fresh fruit is applied to the skin and massaged thoroughly. Face is scrubbed and cooled with medicated mud mask.  

Procedure: Extremely effective in controlling pigmentation and also healing it. This facial is for dry skin bordering on eczema. Apart from other fruits and vegetables, honey is also used for nourishment to evenly moisturize the skin. Direct sources of vitamin E are used in this process. It works wonders on the skin as it is one of the most vital nutrien