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We all have a desire to look and feel young. Age reversal or postponing the signs of aging is possible !! For your skin type and requirements consult Dr.Aditi Bhatnagar.

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Papaya Clean-up

Procedure: A thick paste of papaya and herbs are massaged onto the face which helps in cleaning and brightening the ...

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Tomato Balancing Cleanup

Procedure: Tomato pulp and herbs are spread evenly on the face and massaged thoroughly to shrink open pores. Tomato ...

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Bio-Vitamin Cleanup

Procedure: These are specifically designed for the ageing skin where due to nutritional imbalance the skin starts sh...

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Instant Radiance Cleanup

Procedure: This is an Advanced Skin Cleanup where we also use galvanometer to help in penetration of fruit juice nut...

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Vitamin-E Cleanup

Procedure: Extremely effective in controlling pigmentation and also healing it. This facial is for dry skin borderin...

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Dr. Aditi is a lovely and a very warm person at heart. I have known her for almost a year and she has been ver..

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Dr Aditi is genuine and intelligent doctor...

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Very effective medicines, treatments and skin and hair care products..

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