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Anti Tan Therapy
Procedure: Fresh fruit mashes, juice and pulp are used to massage the face which increases the blood flow. The enzymes in the fruit pulp helps in exfoliating the skin and brightens it. To remove the tan effectively 2 face masks are applied. The first is a cleansing Neem Mask. It helps to regulate excess oil secretion, cleans clogged pores and helps to tone up the skin. The second is the Anti Tan Mask which works miraculously on the skin to remove to effects of gradual tanning that the face has undergone. The entire procedure is combined with an acupressure foot massage to relax the body and trigger the cure.
Products Used: Orange Peel, Papaya, Neem Face Mask, Anti Tan Face Mask
Duration: 1hour and 15 minutes / 40 minutes
Benefits: It reverses the harmful effects of the sunrays on the skin, the UV rays cause tanning and even sunburns on the skin. Therefore to soothe the suffering skin and to revive, the anti tan facial is the correct facial.