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Anti Ageing Therapy

Procedure: Fresh fruit mashes, juice and pulp are used to massage the face which increases the blood flow. The enzymes in the fruit pulp helps in exfoliating the skin and brightens it. Sometimes galvanometer is also used according to the presentation of the case. Skn Essential’s Rejuvenating Face Mask is extensively used to combat the ageing process. Anti ageing cream is recommended for home care to further the treatment.

Products Used: Fresh Fruit pulp and scrub, Rejuvenating Face Mask and Anti ageing cream.
Duration: 1hour and 15 minutes / 40 minutes
Benefits: To shed years from the face, this is the suitable facial. This one particularly uses the benefits of vitamins, detoxifying anti-oxidants and herbs. It slows down the effect of age on the skin. It removes the fine lines, age spots and pigmentation from the face and reveals a young looking, cleaner and illuminated face.