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About Dr. Aditi Bhatnagar

Dr. Aditi Bhatnagar is a renowned Homoeopathic practitioner of India.

Academic Qualification

B.H.M.S.C.C.H from Foster Development Homeopathic Medical College as a bonafide student from Babasaheb Ambedkar Marathawada University.

Academic Qualification

  • Homoeopathic Consultant - Pediatrics and Dermatology.
  • Founder of Skn Essentials The Herbal Nector, a leading manufacturing brand of herbal beauty products in India.

Professional Achievements

  • Internship in Pune Sathe Medical College, one of the most prestigious medical colleges in India.
  • Worked under Dr. DR. SATINDER PAL SINGH BAKSHI (founder of Bakson Homoeopathic chain of clinics and College) as his assistant doctor. Worked with him for 2 years and then set out to do her own clinics.
  • Her products under the name of Skn Essentials have been looked upon as Indian heritage products at Mrs. Universe pageant, 2014.


In her college, she researched that apart from Homoeopathic medicines one can also use leps and herbs to cure various skin diseases. She started experimenting with herbs during her internship and found out various combinations and mixtures that could do wonders for the skin. She looked for perfect and purest herbs available all over India and then created the formulation for her brand Skn Essentials. She started her own therapy centre where the face and hair therapies are done with fresh fruits and vegetables and Skn Essential's herbal products. Seeing such good results, the word about her healing products spread out and she decided to provide them all over India through her website www.sknessentials.com. Her aim is to provide alternate healing medicines and products to suit every individual's requirements and need.

Additional Activities

  • Lifestyle Management course from Apollo Hospital affiliated to Harvard Medical College.
  • Collaboration of Skn Essentials with various spas, salons and hotels to provide their customers authentic products.
  • She has managed to keep her passion for dancing alive. She has got appreciation from Saroj Khan ji for her excellent dance skills.
  • Sponsored various events in Gurgaon like Teej Mela, Holi Mela, Loom Leela, etc.
  • Participated in various exhibitions and organized numerous events.
  • Mentored various growing entrepreneurs to set on their professional journey.
  • Skin care expert to Mrs. India.
  • Grooming expert to Miss India and Mrs. India.

About Skn Essentials

Skn Essentials was established in 1999 by Dr. Aditi Bhatnagar with the essence to change the commonly held perceptions about beauty and skin care. Our focus is on skin and its comprehensive needs, because a healthy, well-functioning skin and mind is more likely to remain beautiful and be better equipped to resist premature ageing.

In the past few years Skn Essentials has emerged as the leading choice for women in India, who are increasingly getting aware about the harmful side effects of using chemicals contained in commonly used cosmetics, and want a more effective, viable alternative. Skn Essentials one of its kind product range that brings to you the aesthetics of beauty and the science of homeopathic knowledge as a single unified service under one roof, to provide "healthy food for the skin".

Dr Aditi's products become a necessity from a luxury! They make you feel so good and natural that you become habitual to them and feel you are missing something if you dont use them! her creams, soaps and packs which I have been using for more than 4 years now are just amazing and do wonders for your skin!

Mrs.Russia Thrilled
Mrs Sandhya Iyer Oza Mrs.U.K
Actress and Theatre Artist Rashi Bunny
Miss India Canada with our products

Our Laurels

  • Mrs Sandhya Iyer Oza Mrs.U.K distributing Skn Essentials products at the Mrs.Universe contest in Phillipines.
  • Mrs.Russia thrilled to have totally Indian herbal products as gifts.
  • Organizing partners for Juniorun marathon for kids
  • Gifting partners for Mrs.India 2016. Products used by Actress and Theatre Artist Rashi Bunny ( Rashi Bunny. Com)
  • Brand Ambassador -Manasvi Noel Miss India Canada 2015-2016

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