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Skn Essentials was established in 1999 by Dr. Aditi Bhatnagar with the essence to change the commonly held perceptions about beauty and skin care. Our focus is on skin and its comprehensive needs, because a healthy, well-functioning skin and mind is more likely to remain beautiful and be better equipped to resist premature ageing.

In the past few years Skn Essentials has emerged as the leading choice for women in India, who are increasingly getting aware about the harmful side effects of using chemicals contained in commonly used cosmetics, and want a more effective, viable alternative.

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Do it Yourself Therapies

Facial Therapies

The therapies are specifically designed as per the needs of the skin

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Hair Spa Therapies

Our Hair Spa therapies are designed to strengthen the hair follicles

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Are you shy and hesitant to say what you want and do what you desire?

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Facial Cleanups

We all have a desire to look and feel young. Age reversal or postponing

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Anti Tan Therapy

Procedure: Fresh fruit mashes, juice and pulp are used to massage

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Anti Ageing Therapy

Procedure: Fresh fruit mashes, juice and pulp are used to massage

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Ashoo Darda

Aditi is a very simple and sweet person who has answers to all concerns you may have about your health and di..

Geetanjali Juneja

Dr Aditi is an excellent human being, I was fortunate to meet her at MIQS session she guided us with some easy..

Shivani Naik Shah

Try these amazing hair packs and face packs from DrAditiBhatnagar - SknEssentials which are chemical free with..

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